Expert Tips: How to Identify Traditional Chinese Medicine

Expert Tips: How to Identify Traditional Chinese Medicine

Guide: Sulfur-related Chinese medicinal materials are constantly appearing, and citizens are beginning to worry about the authenticity of their purchases.

The following experts will teach you to identify whether it is suspected of sulphur medicinal herbs and tell everyone how to avoid consuming excessive sulfur.

Experts point out, “Medicines that are too white or even lose their true colors, contain starch, and are susceptible to moisture, need to be most vigilant.

Like Huaishan, Lily, Tremella, Yam, etc., should normally be pale yellow.

The soup made with ‘sulfon’ medicinal materials will have a strong sour taste.

“How to distinguish Chinese herbs related to Huanghuang?”

Buying Chinese herbal medicines to identify whether they have been sulphurized can start from the aspects of “seeing, smelling and tasting”.

1. In terms of smell, the sulfur-cured medicinal materials will have a scent of sour taste, and the nose will be blown when it is thicker; 2. In terms of weight, sulfur-cured is heavier than unsulfurized sulfur; 3. In terms of dry humidityLook, the concentration of sulfur is more than that without sulfuric acid; 4. From the appearance, the color of sulfur is relatively bright and even abnormal.

TCM experts said that long-term exposure to low-dose sulfur dioxide can also cause chronic rhinitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, and even bronchial discomfort, increasing the incidence of lung cancer.

How to avoid consuming excessive sulfur?

When buying Chinese medicine, try to go to a well-known drugstore or hospital pharmacy.

In addition, the traditional Chinese medicinal materials that have been over-smoked with sulfur are not useful by soaking and washing, because the toxins have entered the inside of the medicinal materials and it is difficult to clean them.

Open the packaging of the sulfurized and smoked Chinese medicinal materials, thin them, and place them in a ventilated place to remove some of the residual sulfur dioxide.

Therefore, if you purchased the over-sulfonated Chinese medicine by mistake, the best way is to abandon it. Do n’t just count the small accounts and not the large ones. Then you will hurt your body and regret your illness.

Reminder: When selecting medicinal materials, in addition to how to identify sulfur-cured medicinal materials described above, try to choose varieties with a rough and natural appearance.

In addition, the public is reminded not to use traditional Chinese medicine to make soup all year round. Traditional Chinese medicine is also a medicine, which is a three-drug poison. Even if there is no “sulphur” or sulfonation, the public can use too much medicine to make soup.