[How to do cold cucumber _ practice of cold cucumber Sichuan]

[How to do cold cucumber _ practice of cold cucumber Sichuan]

Cold cucumber is a very common side dish in summer. In summer, the weather is relatively hot, and a cucumber tastes crisp and refreshing, which has the effect of promoting appetite. Generally speaking, there is a certain seasoning for cold cucumber.Garlic, rice vinegar, sugar or oyster sauce.

When making cold cucumbers, you can take a photo of the cucumber with the back of the knife and cut it with a knife to mix all the condiments and pour it on top.

The practice of cold cucumber 1 Sichuan material cucumber, 3 grams of salt, 2 grams of white sugar, 5 ml of salad oil, 10 ml of balsamic vinegar, 15 ml of oyster sauce, 2 grams of chicken essence, 10 ml of Laoganma.

Wash the cucumbers and use the back of the knife to pat four strips of 2.

Cut small pieces 3.

Make the sauce into a bowl of juice 4.

Place the cucumber in a large bowl and pour 5 bowls of juice.

Mix well 6.

Cover the plastic wrap and refrigerate the cucumber for 1 hour. The effect and effect of cucumber1. Cucurbitin C contained in the anti-tumor cucumber can improve the immune function of the human body and achieve the purpose of anti-tumor.

In addition, the substance can also treat chronic hepatitis and persistent hepatitis, and has a prolonged survival effect on patients with primary liver cancer.

2. Anti-aging cucumbers are rich in vitamin E, which can prolong life expectancy and anti-aging effects; cucumber enzymes in cucumbers have strong biological activity and can effectively promote the body’s metabolism.

Rubbing the skin with cucumber juice will moisturize and stretch wrinkles.

3, Alanine, arginine and glutamine contained in the anti-alcoholic cucumber have certain adjuvant therapeutic effects on liver patients, especially those with alcoholic cirrhosis. They can take alcoholism.

4. Glucose contained in cucumbers such as glucose, fructose and so on does not participate in ordinary sugar metabolism. Therefore, people with diabetes will be filled with cucumber-based starch foods, and the blood sugar will not only rise, but even decrease.

5. The glyceric acid contained in the cucumber for weight loss can inhibit the carbohydrates from turning into aunts.

In addition, the cellulose in cucumber has a certain effect on promoting the elimination of rotten substances inside the human body and reducing cholesterol, and can strengthen the body.