Eating more skinned grains can moisturize your private parts

Eating more skinned grains can “moisturize” your private parts

Ms. Lin was very upset recently, and every time she had a close relationship with her husband, she had to stop at critical moments because her vagina was sore and painful.
Experts point out that this is the fault of dry vagina.
  Experts analyze that a variety of reasons can cause women to have a dry vagina, which makes them disgusted and even resist sexual life.
For example, insufficient sexual excitement leads to less secretion of female body fluids, endocrine disorders lead to reduction of vaginal secretions, suffering from vaginitis, prolonged use of contraceptives, etc., may cause vaginal dryness.
  In addition, the pressure of work and life can cause low sexual desire, which leads to vaginal dryness.
Some women pay too much attention to vaginal health, so they often do deep vaginal flushing repeatedly. As a result, the vagina cannot retain due secretions and beneficial bacteria, and vaginal dryness may occur.
  The impact of diet on women’s health is also great. If in addition to vaginal dryness, women also have inflammation of the corners of the mouth, dry skin, desquamation, etc., it may indicate an imbalanced diet, especially vitamin B2 deficiency.
  To moisturize a woman’s private parts, there are many ways to try it.
If women with inflammation are treated first, vaginal dryness will also improve.
If you have entered menopause, you can add an appropriate amount of estrogen under the guidance of a doctor.
  If the vaginal dryness is caused by an imbalanced diet, you can eat more grains and skinned cereals and supplement vitamin B to increase skin moisture content.
For women who love to clean, it is usually enough to wash the vulva with water, and never do vaginal flushing.
  In addition, you can appropriately lengthen the foreplay time before making love to make your partner more tender.
You can also try water-soluble lubricants, which have little irritation and are widely used abroad.
You can also use topical androgens if necessary, such as applying testosterone ointment.