Experts suggest that improper weight loss or loss of life


Experts suggest that improper weight loss or loss of life

The trend of weight loss has developed to the present day, and it is no longer a patent for young women.

A friend of my friend, who is already in his 70s, has gone to the cupping to lose weight. He lost 30 kilograms in two months. When the whole family is happy, the old man is admitted to the hospital.

It turned out that the cupping cup even pulled out the aunt on the body, and also took away the extra strength. A 70-year-old man was vented, and all kinds of problems naturally came to the door.

銆€銆€In fact, many people lose weight not for health, but for beauty.

In fact, the correct concept of weight loss should be based on health.

Before we lose weight, it is best to go through the evaluation of experts to determine too many reasons, and then carry out targeted conditioning.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine believes that the biggest problem causing obesity is “liver depression” and “spleen deficiency.”

Insufficient bile secretion caused by liver stagnation, spleen deficiency leads to weight loss, and bile and tiny disintegration of the body’s two cadres will only mobilize the enthusiasm of these two cadres to fundamentally solve the problem of obesity.

In order to restore the function of the liver and spleen, first of all, to ensure the smooth flow of blood gas, blood circulation and smooth expansion of nutrition, if dieting to lose weight, will inevitably affect the liver and spleen function due to lack of nutrition, so that the slight discharge is even less.

銆€銆€Weight loss should be combined with your own physical condition, using scientific methods, it is best to start from the liver and spleen, use the “complement” method, increase the two evacuation functions, rather than blindly “decrease”, so that their life expectancy is also reducedDrop it.