Three steps to lose weight from inside to outside is most effective


Three steps to lose weight from inside to outside is most effective

Your concept of losing weight still stays a few pounds?

The scientific concern has penetrated into the body. The latest point of view is that weight loss should start from a slight control and reduce the body, and on the basis of thorough improvement of the internal environment, shape and shape, to achieve the goal of healthy weight loss.


The proportion of sputum in our body is about 15-25%.


Body aunts include aunts under the skin, a visceral aunt, aunts in the blood, and aunts that make up the cell membrane.


Although the number of unfortunate cells may be genetically determined, if the number of repeats is too many, the more unfortunate cells will be produced.


To lose weight is to remove excess excess from the body.

銆€銆€Start of weight loss: Lose the invisible tiny. They are hidden in the abdominal cavity and wrapped around the internal organs. The normal function is to keep warm, shockproof and lubricated.

But too much will cause hormones, enzymes and blood components in the body to change, a slight metabolic disorder, affecting insulin sensing and the cardiovascular system.

The invisible aunt ranked first in fat loss, not only because it threatened health, but also because it was the first superfluous aunt to appear, and it was the easiest to lose.

銆€銆€Should you lose fat internally?

銆€銆€The easiest way to measure visceral fistula is to measure the abdominal circumference with a tape measure.

If the abdominal circumference exceeds 2cm when you are 22 years old, you should pay attention to slight supplementation and exercise. If the abdominal circumference exceeds the safety standard of 88 cm, you need to reduce the fat immediately!

銆€銆€Two habits to lose the invisible embarrassment!

銆€銆€Habit 1: A little more strength practice experiments show that if the diet structure does not change, the internal organs of non-exercise people increase by an average of 20% within two years, while those who exercise twice a week have an average reduction of body fat by 37%.

銆€銆€Habit 2: Breakfast coarse grains, snacks walnuts, beverages, green tea, coarse grains, breakfast can help burn more than 2 times; walnuts can reduce the concentration, control the amount of traces stored in the body; aromatic compounds in green tea can dissolve trace amounts.

銆€銆€The second step: Eliminate the touch of the 濮?You have the habit of correcting the touch?

Starting from the place where the thigh is close to the buttocks, pinch or squeeze the skin with your fingers, and a concave corrugation appears.

About 95% of women have a certain degree of temporary group, they are the “greasy parasitic” under our skin.

The scorpion group most often appears near the thighs, buttocks and pelvis.

Lifestyle is an important factor in the formation of the scorpion.

銆€銆€The fashionable life makes the group 1.

Sedentary, resulting in poor lymphatic drainage, resulting in sputum.


Stress, so that hormones will be too much secretion, increase the number of exceptions.


Coffee and salt will increase the storage of adults under the skin.


Dieting, let us become nutrient-deficient people in materially rich today, and more likely to breed scorpions.

銆€銆€Accidental studies of three types of nutrients repelling groping have shown that women who are prone to accidental clusters are often more prone to liver and kidney function health problems.

Therefore, the only thing that is lost for the body is the health of the body.

Dieting can’t reduce the snack group and add enough nutrients to fight off the retreat.

銆€銆€To add some nutrients: 1.

Antioxidant Antioxidants protect the epidermis and dermis from external damage and will unfortunately lock under the skin to prevent unfortunate blocks.

Food Sources: Vegetables and fruits contain antioxidants. In general, the darker the color, the more abundant the fruits and vegetables.

Unsaturated fatty acids can reduce skin inflammation and damage your aunt.
Food Source: Deep sea fish that may be omega-3 fatty acids.


Vitamin B family and protein malt, cereals, beans, dark green vegetables, low fat and skimmed dairy products, fish, eggs, poultry.

銆€銆€Step 3: Change the visible uncle to have a more uniform distribution of the uncle?

Or can we lose weight locally?

Experts propose two ways for us to choose.


The safest and most cost-effective way to train equipment.

This is currently the most respected and safest form of local shaping, which can improve the distribution ratio of muscles and aunts.

The volume of the muscles is relatively small. If you replace the abdomen with the same weight of muscle, the waist will be small.

Also if you increase your muscles in your feet, your hips will become fuller.

Many weight-loss training camps, equipment exercises are arranged in the final stage of weight loss, as a body training.


What is the most immediate and most prudent way to lose weight?

Make your body feel better!

If we tried a lot of methods, we still have a superfluous aunt, or we finally lost weight, but found that the skin is like an empty garbage bag, we can of course choose plastic surgery.

銆€銆€The plastic surgery surgery you may try in 2009 will make our slimming project more complete.

In the top five plastic surgery operations in the United States, body-building liposuction and firming surgery ranked first and fifth respectively.

銆€銆€Liposuction: Absorb the excess aunt through the liposuction.

Usually for people who exceed 10% of the ideal body weight, it is best to have only one part that needs liposuction.

銆€銆€Abdominal wrinkles: mainly for the relaxation of abdominal skin, a small number of people in the middle and lower parts of a person with a “belly bag”.

Surgery can completely remove excess skin, and will tighten the muscles (abdominal fascia) to create a firm and soft belly.

銆€銆€Health Tips A comprehensive health checkup is required before any plastic surgery.

銆€銆€Carefully examine the qualifications of hospitals and doctors.

銆€銆€After the body shape is improved, adhere to a reasonable diet and exercise, and adjust yourself to a healthy and good state.

Can not be treated as a massage.