Find friends to smell like

Find friends to “smell” like

Scientists at the Research Center for Cognitive Neurology at Northwestern University School of Medicine conducted the study.
They point out that human senses provide information that affects the subconscious mind, which in turn influences our behavior.
  To find out whether undetectable smells could change people’s social behaviors, the researchers asked the subjects to smell different bottles. There were three kinds of smells in the bottles: lemon, sweat and ether.
  After smelling each bottle, the subjects had to look at an expressionless avatar and rate the avatar. The score was 6 grades from “extremely cute” to “extremely cute”.
The results showed that although the taste in the bottle was very light and the subjects were usually difficult to distinguish, when they smelled the bottle with a trace of lemon smell, they gave a good evaluation of the avatar.
  Researchers say that whether we like someone, in addition to being affected by visual, auditory, and other factors, smells can play a role, even if these smells are minimal.