Refuse to destroy skin before bedtime emergency SOS_1

Refuse to destroy skin emergency SOS before bedtime

The appearance of getting up is closely related to your behavior the day before, burying your face in the pillow to sleep, turning water into the eyes, causing serious bags under the eyes, and expression lines will become obvious.

Sleeping for less than eight hours may affect the immune system, and it may make you more prone to wrinkles.


hzh {display: none; }  症状一:冒痘痘或皮肤出油  原因:可能是你晚上擦的晚霜太滋润,甚至是没洗干净的头发造型品碰到皮肤所致.

The first aid method is to wrap the ice cubes with a paper towel to eliminate the acne redness.

  Solution: The method of deep cleansing is to choose a refreshing night cream, keep the hair and bedding clean at any time, and help the skin to clean and exfoliate.

  Symptom 2: The skin is dull and dull. Solution: First aid for face application Reason: Blood will slowly flow to the face when sleeping, and the skin may be pale when waking up.

If you suffer from a so-called high-protein diet, your skin will appear dull due to a lack of vitamin B.

  Tips: People with good physical strength do not hinder doing a few sit-ups or sit-ups on the spot to promote blood circulation.

If you hate sports sweat, prepare a first-aid mask with your scrambled eggs, coffee breakfast, relaxed and elegant.

  Symptom 3: Dry fine lines cause the lines: When the face is pressed on the pillow for several hours, the fine lines that become coaxial are more obvious. Air conditioning and pressure are also the causes of dry lines.

  Solution: Moisturizing and hydrating medicine If you have a steamer at home, you can steam for a minute. Hot steam is a good help to eliminate small fine lines.

Massaging facial skin with a moisturizer can also wake up dry and discolored skin.

  Symptom 4: Dry hair and messy hair Cause: The hair is not beautiful when getting up, it is difficult to predict, because it is related to the sleeping position, the humidity in the environment, and a little luck.

Bad hair day is called “bad hair day” in English. Messy hair will not only affect the appearance, but even lower the mood.

  Solution: Two-pronged hair care style, just split the hair into six strands, evenly apply the repair essence, and then wrap it with a layer of plastic wrap. After wearing a hair cap, use the steam in the bath to help absorb it.。
You can use it like a mask once a week, or apply it for four consecutive days for intensive repairs.

  Symptom five: sleepy eyes, distress. Reason: Many people have to apply mascara to open their eyes. They do n’t have time to apply makeup and do n’t omit mascara.

  Solution: Mascara helps you open your big eyes. When you apply unusual mascara, you have to abandon the ordinary Z-shaped makeup method, and brush it slowly along the direction of eyelash growth at a horizontal angle, and then lower the eyelashes first.Horizontal brushes and straight brushes work best.

  Carefully cultivate five skin-friendly habits that suit you, use skin care products that suit you faithfully, and love your life heartily, everything will be different.