Amazing kitchen fitness moves

Amazing kitchen fitness moves

Modern people often complain that there is no time for fitness, but fitness is the foundation of health.

If we can use the office, kitchen, transport truck, etc. as a gym, we can also achieve fitness purposes.

If you enter the kitchen after work, you can do this.

  Magical kitchen fitness action 1, when entering the kitchen, you may wish to stand against the wall for a while, and hold your head, shoulders, arms, and heels in a close manner, which is conducive to forming a beautiful posture.

  2. If you take something from a high place, gradually raise your hands from both sides, raise your arms, palms facing each other, your toes raised, and look at your hands.

Stand for a while and pick up again.

  3. Take things from a low place, straighten your waist, bend your knees and squat, then narrow again, 3 times in a row, don’t bend over to take things.

  4, shorten the cut vegetables, kneading noodles will feel sore hands, you can take a moment to hang down, relax muscles, press your hands quickly.

  5. When cooking, you can use the palm of your hand for a while, aim your palm at the posterior occipital bone, and try to stretch your elbows. In the companions that need to wait for a long time, such as making coffee, soup, or baking pastries, do a side bend in the kitchen.
  Although the fitness of the kitchen is not strong, it can effectively stretch your whole body and eliminate fatigue. In addition, combining the fitness of the kitchen with the washing and cooking can both keep your body shape and increase the fun of cooking.

I hope the above fitness exercises can be helpful for office workers, so that you can exercise and cook properly!