Cold water bathing begins in autumn


Cold water bathing begins in autumn

At the beginning of autumn, it was a good time to start a cold bath.

Those who are interested in cold water bath exercise should take advantage of the short-term chilling weather conditions and start a cold water bath.

In the cold water bath, when the human skin is stimulated by cold, the skin blood vessels contract sharply, causing a large amount of blood to be returned to the heart and deep tissues.

Then, the output of the heart increases, the blood vessels dilate, and then the blood vessels of the skin expand. A large amount of blood flows from the internal organs to the body surface, and the blood vessels shrink and make them exercise, so they are called “vascular gymnastics.”

Cold water bathing is very beneficial to the body.

It can enhance the function of the nervous system, increase the elasticity of blood vessels, improve the blood circulation speed, improve the function of the respiratory system and digestive system, promote metabolism, and strengthen the cold resistance and immunity of the human body.

銆€銆€The water used in the cold water bath may be tap water or well water, and is called cold water as long as the water temperature is lower than 20 掳C.

The method can be roughly divided into five types: cold water washing, cold water washing, cold water rubbing, cold water shower, cold water soaking.

These methods vary from person to person and cannot be reluctant.

As long as the body feels warm and comfortable after the bath, these methods can be carried out in a single item, or can be gradually separated from the partial to the whole body in several stages.


Cold water wash: First-time practitioners can use this method. Before bathing, rub the face with the palm of your hand, then use a cold towel to rub gently on the forehead, sputum, nose, ears, neck, and back and forth. In the process,The towel should be constantly immersed in cold water until the skin on the face is rubbed red.


Cold water wash feet: When washing your feet, both hands should constantly rub the instep, the feet, the toes, and then rub the feet with a towel.


Cold water: After a short time, you can switch to cold water.

Cold water should be rubbed in a certain order, first wipe the face and align, then quickly take off the shirt, wipe the sheet with a cold towel, wipe a piece, and finally wipe a piece.

After you stick to it, you can wipe your body, but after you finish the upper body, quickly put on your clothes, then use your cold towel to wipe your lower limbs, buttocks, and finally wipe the abdomen.

Wear clothes after washing and wash your feet with cold water.


Cold water shower: After getting used to cold water, you can take a cold shower, but at the beginning the water temperature is higher, and then gradually lower the water temperature.

In the shower, use a cold towel to wipe the body.

In the winter cold water bath generally does not exceed 1?
2 minutes.


Cold water soaking: This is the highest stage of cold water exercise.

Initially, it can start with lukewarm water and gradually decrease the water temperature.

When the whole body is immersed in cold water, the hands are massaged to promote subcutaneous vasodilation and venous return, which accelerates blood circulation.

Soaking time should not be too long, should be mastered before the end of the body chills as well.

銆€銆€The cold water bath must first be sustained.

Cold water baths, like other sports, can only be seen if they persist.

The long-term persistence will make the effect more obvious.

Basically, we must adhere to the principle of gradual and orderly progress, from easy to difficult, from partial to full body, can not be eager to seek success, if not through the adaptation or transition bath training, direct cold water bath, causing serious adverse consequences.

In addition, before going to bed, you can’t take a cold bath after drinking.

Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and chronic diseases cannot have a cold bath.