Man practicing yoga to soothe back pain

Man practicing yoga to soothe back pain

In the United States, more than 3.5 million men are practicing yoga.

“Yoga maintains the physical flexibility of athletes, making them stronger and performing better.

“Real Man Do Yoga,” written by senior medical and sports journalist Campuya, has set off a wave of male yoga in the United States.

More and more men are willing to lose dumbbells, sit cross-legged, close their eyes and practice breathing and fractures.

  Modern men are under great stress and their body wear is accelerating. Many people, at their golden age of 30, have begun to experience a situation of “not as physically strong as before”.

In addition to maintaining a healthy posture, the greatest contribution of yoga is to help you reduce stress, blood pressure and depression; the practice of breathing adjustment, otherwise it can calm down the restless mood.

  However, men also have a natural barrier to getting started.

Men’s musculoskeletal muscles are not as soft and relaxed as women’s. It is very difficult to start practicing yoga to stretch muscles.

Beginners need to be a little patient, step by step, and work hard. Generally, it will improve in 3 months.

  Taiwan’s “Health” magazine is specifically aimed at the back pain and emotional distress common in male office workers, with a set of three styles, suitable for anyone to strengthen the spine yoga movements.

The butterfly type squeezes forward, the camel type stretches backwards, and the bull head type helps fix the spine, which can improve constipation, restlessness, frequent urination, physical decline and sexual dysfunction.

Take your time, don’t worry, you will slowly realize that the vitality of the limbs will reappear.

  Butterfly (warm-up) function: calm down the mood.

  1. Sit down.

Bend your feet, with your left and right soles facing together.

  2. Hold your toes in your hands and lean forward until you hit the ground.

  3. Breathe slowly and deeply 3 times, relying on the strength of the waist.

  Taurus function: improve spine straightness, improve hands and feet, shoulder stiffness, relieve sciatica, and strengthen kidney function.

  1. Sit down with your legs straight forward.

  2. Cross your left leg over your right thigh and insert your left foot next to your right thigh.

(At this time, the right lower leg should be under the left thigh, and the right foot should be pressed under the left side.) 3. Pay attention to the body straight and step on the feet together.

  4. Put your left hand back on the back, lift your right hand and bend it backwards, and slowly hold your left hand.

  5. Keep your eyes on the front and breathe naturally for 5 seconds.

  6. Relax and recover.

Swap left and right and do it again.

  Camel-style function: strengthen the spine and coccyx, can relieve back pain.

  1. Kneel with your legs and shoulders wide.

  2. Grasp your toes with your hands and your body is arched.

  3, chest forward, remember to leg vertical to the ground.

  4. Take a deep breath 3 times and slowly lean up on your waist.

  Some people are not suitable for practicing yoga. Some yoga movements have higher requirements on the body.

Therefore, the Consumer Council of Hong Kong reminds everyone that although yoga is good, it is not suitable for everyone.

  如果你有其中任何一项疾病,请在练习瑜伽前咨询医生的意见:颈椎,胸椎或腰椎的椎间盘损伤,颈动脉硬化严重高血压或低血压青光眼,视网膜松脱严重骨质疏松或颈椎炎  中风Or people who have blood coagulation should pay more attention to it: people with high blood pressure who lack exercisers or elders practice yoga should start with slow movements and maintain smooth breathing, and do n’t force a high posture to avoid injury to people below.High-temperature yoga: Elderly people, poor resistance, sweat complications, heat irritation, skin irritation