Office workers stool nap affects health

Office workers “stool nap” affects health

Many office workers have a nap habit and sleep at the desk after eating lunch.
Experts pointed out that nap should also be scientific, and a nap at the desk will affect your health, and a nap before meals is better than a nap after a meal.
銆€銆€The habit of taking a nap at the desk is very bad, and it has many effects on health.
Nap at the desk will hurt the eyes, and temporary visual blur will appear after sleeping. It is because the eyeball is oppressed at the desk, causing corneal deformation and curvature changes. The nap will force the chest at the desk, which will affect the breathing and increase the burden on the heart. The nap at the desk will also be due to the head.Compressing the arms, affecting blood circulation and nerve conduction, causing numbness and tingling in the arms.
In addition, sitting for a long time, it will lead to hypoxia in the head, the emergence of physiological temporary “brain anemia”, resulting in dizziness, tinnitus, soft legs, fatigue and other symptoms.
銆€銆€A scientific nap can help relieve stress and help boost immunity and maintain a happy state of mind.
She suggested changing the habit of taking a nap after a meal to a nap before a meal, because it is full of insomnia during the nap after a meal, affecting the quality of the nap. After waking up, it feels dizzy and weak, and the limbs are weak, bringing afternoon work and study.Negative Effects.
She said that the nap time is not as long as possible, from half an hour to one hour, and half an hour before a meal is more effective than 2 hours after a meal.