Small tricks to overcome spring difficulties

Small tricks to overcome spring difficulties

Some people think that as long as you sleep more in the spring, you will not be sleepy, but it is not true.

Under normal circumstances, adults can sleep for about 8 hours a day. Increasing sleep may reduce the excitability of the cerebral cortex and keep it in a suppressed state. People will become more lethargic and listless. As a result, the more you sleep, the more you sleep.sleepy.

The scientific method can prevent spring difficulties from the following three methods: First, to overcome spring difficulties, first of all, you must grasp the rhythm of your life. Don’t stay impatient for three days, two impulses, and stay up all night. You should develop a more regular sleep habit.

  Practice has proved that making appropriate adjustments to the living habits developed in the winter and gradually adapting the body to the climate in which the spring temperature rises is a key part of lifting the spring trap.

For example, to keep warm in winter, you usually close the door and close the house. In the spring, you must often open the windows and doors to make the indoor air flow; you must also pay attention to ensuring a certain amount of sleep.

Getting enough sleep can help eliminate fatigue.

  Method 2: In the spring of the second earth, when all things are recovering, you should step out of outdoor activities and carry out some appropriate fitness exercises, which can effectively improve physiological functions, enhance the body’s respiratory metabolic function, accelerate internal circulation, and increase the oxygen supply of the brain.Spring difficulties will ease.

For example, walking early in the morning, doing exercises, running, and playing Tai Chi are very beneficial to the spirit.

  Method 3 Modern medical research believes that spring sleepiness is related to the body’s protein content, the body is in an acidic environment and insufficient vitamin intake. Therefore, the diet should be adjusted to increase protein replacement during spring sleepiness, such as appropriately increasing food, eggs, milk, soy products, pigsLiver, chicken, peanuts and other foods.

  ”When spring, the taste should be reduced acid and sugar, in order to nourish the temper,” so when spring comes, pay attention to eat more alkaline foods to neutralize acidic substances in the body and eliminate fatigue.

Do not eat cold, greasy, sticky food, and do not drink too much.

It’s best to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits every day.

Vegetables contain too much alkali, and eating more fruits and vegetables is ideal for improving springtime sleepiness.

  Increase your vitamin intake.

For example, vitamin C has the function of producing intercellular adhesion substances, which is very helpful for the repair and growth of human cells; B vitamins have the function of preventing nervous system dysfunction and eliminating stress.

Therefore, eating more foods and vegetables that are rich in vitamins has a positive effect on relieving springfall.

  In addition, nutrition experts also make the following recommendations: Do not eat too much for three meals a day, it is best to eat three to five meals a day, otherwise the stomach will swell too much and people will easily become sleepy.

  Many people do not eat breakfast in the morning, which causes insufficient sugar supply in the brain, which makes it difficult to concentrate and sleepy.

In fact, a glass of milk and a few slices of bread for breakfast is a good choice.

But milk is best not to drink on an empty stomach, must be combined with starchy foods.

  Zinc deficiency affects the concentration of cognition and concentration. Some seaweeds, seaweed, and kelp are rich in zinc. It is appropriate to eat such foods 1-2 times a week.