Stay up late 3 days to get rid of the vegetable face _1

Stay up late in 3 days to get rid of “caulis face”

The lack of sleep caused by overtime work and frequent gatherings at the end of the year at the end of the year is a headache that plagues many beauty lovers.
If the skin care method is not correct after staying up all night, it is easy to make the facial skin appear “dish”.
In this issue, we will teach you a few tricks to make the “Caulis Face” rejuvenate. You can change your face by using three days of scientific maintenance during the holiday.
  Don’t use makeup on holidays. Use only skin care products. Typical problem: wash your face before going to bed. Xiao Lei, who works in a foreign company, often has red and acne on the face due to facing the computer for a long time.
  Xiao Lei takes it for granted that since she needs to face the computer after returning home, the makeup on her face can be kept to resist radiation, and after all the work is done, it is better to wash her face before going to bed.
But this is not the case. The acne on Xiao Lei’s face not only did not improve, but also became worse.
  正确方法:晚上10点洗次脸  对于经常在晚上加班工作和喜欢夜间娱乐的“晚睡族”来说,经过一天的新陈代谢后,皮肤一般在晚上10点到11点之间开始放慢新陈代谢的Speed, enter the night maintenance state.
但对于夜间工作和娱乐的人群来说,身体仍处于兴奋状态,皮肤毛孔分泌油脂还保持一个很高的状态,很容易长痘、长斑  因此,“晚睡族”应该在晚上10点左右对Facial skin is cleaned and maintained once before being put into work or play.
  重点养护:冷热交替按摩眼睛  若想既对付黑眼圈也想对付倦容,最好的方法就是先用毛巾热敷眼部,促进血液循环,再将冷藏过的汤匙或眼膜轻压于眼部,It can wake up the eyes “angry”.
In the dry winter, the eyes need to be moisturized. Transparent eye care products from Shiseido and Estee Lauder are good choices.
  Massage treatment to improve the skin: A facial massage for one or two minutes in the morning can refresh one’s spirit; using a mask can improve skin condition in a short time.
  Hesperidin, vitamin B3, vitamin C and other ingredients can inhibit the production of melanin, while masks containing moisturizing and brightening ingredients such as Olay and Clinique are good helpers to save tiredness.
    Teach you a trick: drinking fruit juice vinegar often drinking fruit juice vinegar can not only beauty the skin, but also play a role in lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, lowering blood sugar and softening blood vessels.
Fruit juice vinegar such as Huiyuan can detoxify and degrease.
Regular drinking can promote skin metabolism and inhibit skin aging.