Psychological saturation and extramarital affairs

Psychological saturation and extramarital affairs

The term “saturated” is a chemical term that is added to human water and is called “saturated” when it can no longer be dissolved.

“Psychological saturation” refers to the psychological endurance to the extent that it can no longer afford it.

  For example: Chaplin plays a worker in “Modern Times”, doing “screw-screw” work all day long. After seeing a pair of buttons on the chest of a passing woman, he also uses a wrench to twist.

Another example: a leader participated in the calligraphy exhibition, the staff asked him to write an inscription, and Thaksin wrote the word “agree”.

Although this is a joke, it is also a typical example of psychological saturation.

  Psychological saturation can be seen almost everywhere in life.

An American businessman traveled to the place where the Indians lived. When he saw that the woven straw hat was very beautiful there, he asked, “How much is it?

“The other answer:” 10 yuan.

“” What if I buy 100 identical straw hats?

“” 20 yuan per top.

“” Why is it more expensive for me to buy wholesale? ”

“” We feel very new to make one. We have to be patient when we make 10, and we have to make 100 same straw hats.

“Psychological saturation has caused this business to abort.

  Psychological saturation is mostly retinal effects.

For example, the teacher arranges 100 math problems. When the students start to do the homework, they move quickly and do it correctly, but afterwards, the speed is slow, errors often occur, and boredom occurs.

By the same token, workers who do the same job and cadres at their desks may experience psychological saturation. In short, they are dry.

  At present, there are many phenomena of extramarital affairs, but in fact they are also psychologically saturated.

The couple have been living together for several years or more than ten years, and each other’s words and deeds are known to each other, and they gradually lose their sense of freshness. Even the sex life is far less obsessed than when they were newly married.I’ve said everything I have to say to each other, I’ve done all the things I want to do, and a kind of hidden boredom begins to emerge.

At this moment, once they encounter strange eyes from other people of the opposite sex, and they have meaningful winks, they will feel novel and exciting, and they will find each other more interesting than their spouse. If they fall in love,It is difficult to extricate yourself.

Looking at all kinds of extramarital affairs, those who are psychologically saturated account for a considerable proportion.

  There is a lot of energy in psychological saturation, and many suicides arise from it.

Therefore, some people call the psychological saturation drama “the accomplice of the suicide”.

A young worker from somewhere in Jiangsu went to the hospital to see a doctor, and the doctor diagnosed it as “kidney”.

Li didn’t know much about literacy, and mistakenly recognized the word “kidney” as the word “cancer”, thinking that she had terminal illness.

Because of his introverted personality, he did not dare to ask a doctor or report to his parents.

The more he thought about it, the more he became afraid, and the more desperate he was, he eventually reached the level of psychological saturation and embarked on the road of suicide.

  It can be polished from this. Psychological saturation is an “unsettling factor” that is harmful to people, but it is not incurable.

For example, when you feel bored when doing the same job every day, you don’t want to hinder your self-relaxation: move your body, look away for a while, or take a walk, or talk to others, and distract you from nervousness. This can reduce the tensionPsychological saturation brings you mental stress.

  Extramarital affairs caused by psychological saturation is a relatively complicated society. However, as long as “prevention is first”, it can also be eliminated in the bud. First, both husband and wife must exercise self-discipline, refrain from indulgence, and stand firm and refuseForeign sexual provocations, sexual temptations, being responsible for your spouse, being responsible for your children, and being responsible for your family; the second is that the marriage must also be “renewed”. Husbands and wives should constantly improve their tastes, enrich themselves, and make themselves a partner.Never get tired of “good books” and don’t let your spouse have psychological saturation.

  There are not many psychological saturation phenomena that even suspect that you have terminal illness and committed suicide. However, the psychological saturation phenomenon caused by whether your disease can be cured is not uncommon.

As a patient, you must first have a strong belief that you can overcome the disease.

If you are unhappy with the solution, you can ask the book for advice, ask the doctor for guidance, talk to relatives and friends to get the correct answer, and evacuate the anxiety, and don’t let the psychological saturation become your own burden.

  We should have a clear understanding of psychological saturation: it is ubiquitous in our lives and interferes with our normal life from time to time.

We have adequate and adequate psychological preparations and preventive measures. Once we encounter it, we must be calm, not panic, be good at knowing ourselves, and adopt various effective methods to “bigger, smaller, smaller” and keep it away from ours.Normal life.