Is your stomach still okay?


These 6 bad habits are quietly hurting your stomach, and quit quickly!

Is your stomach still okay?
These 6 bad habits are quietly hurting your stomach, and quit quickly!

I believe that too many people have experienced the feeling of stomach pain, and it is really hard to suffer when it really hurts.

Our stomach is the most delicate of all organs. Three meals a day, eating habits are affecting our stomach. If you don’t pay attention, you will get your stomach hurt.

The incidence of stomach disease is getting younger and younger. Among the 1.3 billion people with diabetes, there are about 1 stomach patient.

200 million, at the same time, the incidence of chronic gastric cancer is the second among all malignant tumors, and the mortality rate is the third highest.

Especially obesity, the incidence of stomach disease is younger, and more and more people are suffering from stomach problems at a young age.

Have data showing that 19 years old?
The incidence of gastric cancer in young people aged 35 has doubled since 30 years ago.

The incidence of stomach diseases is getting higher and higher, mainly because many people do not pay attention to the protection of the stomach in daily life. When they have small problems, they don’t pay attention. When the problem is serious, regret is too late.

Health King summed up the six bad habits of hurting the stomach. Come and see if you have it?

6 bad habits are destroying your stomach and stomach is a very promising “principle” organ, like everything to follow the rules, when to eat, how much to eat, how to eat, are pay attention to.

Once this “principle” is destroyed, the disease will come to the door.

1, the diet is irregular, the pace of modern life is accelerating, and it is the norm for many people to miss the meal without eating.

This kind of hunger and full diet makes the stomach not get a rest during the break. There is nothing to digest when it is digested. Over time, stomach ulcers and indigestion are found.

2, smoking alcohol, alcohol metabolism, gastric mucosa caused by strong stimulation, long-term drinking caused gastric mucosal congestion, edema and even erosion, resulting in gastritis, stomach bleeding and other symptoms.

Nicotine, tar and other chemicals in tobacco also have a stimulating effect on the gastric mucosa, which increases the risk of gastritis and gastric ulcer.

3, eating high-fat food “no meat is not happy” has become a lot of people’s pursuit of food, but this daily “big fish big meat” eating habits will bring a huge digestive burden to our stomach.

Listed fruits and vegetables, high-fat foods are more difficult to digest, which can easily lead to indigestion, gastroesophageal reflux and other symptoms.

4, long-term staying up late gastric mucosal epithelial cell life is very short, on average every 2?
It will be updated once every 3 days, and this process is usually carried out at night. If you stay up late and your stomach is not resting, the repairing ability of the gastric mucosa will be worse.

In addition, some people like to eat late at night before going to bed, which will stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, it is easy to cause damage to the gastric mucosa, erosion, leading to a series of stomach diseases.

5, excessive pressure is one of the most expressive organs of the body, long-term stress and depression, can cause confusion of the nervous system, stimulate gastric acid secretion, lead to hyperacidity, damage the gastric mucosa, robes make the stomachImpaired function, leading to chronic gastritis and indigestion.

6, a large number of long-term medication clinical studies have shown that many drugs directly or indirectly damage the stomach, causing complications and ulcers.

Common examples such as aspirin and ibuprofen, if used for a long time, cause irritation and damage to the stomach, which gradually causes stomach lesions.

As the saying goes, stomach disease “three points in governance, seven points to support”, knowing these habits of stomach injury, it must be changed as soon as possible.

In normal life, you can eat regularly, eat a balanced diet, take a walk after a meal, and maintain a happy mood every day.

Health King wishes all friends a healthy appetite!

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