Do not go to Inter-Pepe-consider the Champions League final first, will wait for Real Madrid to the final

Not going to Inter?Pepe: Consider the Champions League final first and wait for Real Madrid to the end
According to the “Aspen” report, for their future, Real Madrid defender Pepe once again said: I will wait for Real Madrid to the last day.  Italian media recently said that Pepe has reached a consensus with Inter Milan, the Portuguese will switch to Serie A, but Pepe recently said through Cobb Radio: My future?We still have a UEFA Champions League final to play, and now it is lack of respect to talk about such things.For the club, there are more important things to consider now.I will wait for Real Madrid to the last day.    Regarding the rumored intentions of the Chinese Super League, Paris and Inter, Pepe said: Part of my heart will always be a Madridist, and Real Madrid has given me a lot.Fans also like me very much, and I have worked hard for them and for everything to go smoothly.  For the Champions League final, Pepe said: We are almost a bit, the team is about to write history again.In order to bring happiness to the fans, we will prepare for the Champions League from Wednesday.