Poor sleeping quality and hurt

Poor sleeping quality and hurt

Recently, the temperature has changed, and many readers and friends are concerned about sleep at night.

“I fell asleep in the bed until dawn and didn’t dream. I thought the quality of sleep was good, but when I woke up, I felt sore and tired.

The citizen Xiao Li said, Zhao Chunxiao, director of the Municipal People’s Hospital’s preventive health department, said that this situation is mostly caused by improper sleeping posture.

Generally speaking, a comfortable sleeping position is the most suitable sleeping position. However, from the perspective of human body structure, sleeping on your back affects the unobstructed airway, leading to poor sleep quality and easy injury to the body. The supine position is a better sleeping position.
  Try not to sleep on your stomach. The reason why you sleep on your stomach is that the quality of sleeping on your stomach is poor and hurts you, because lying on your stomach causes some pressure on the respiratory tract, it is easy to block the nasal cavity, is not conducive to breathing, naturally affects the body, and sleep quality is not high.Especially for children, bones are in the period of growth and development, and the face and the mattress are oppressed, which can easily lead to uneven tooth arrangement, while babies sleep on their stomachs and are more likely to drool.

  The biggest disadvantage of sleeping on your stomach is that it is oppressive to the heart. If your chest is flattened on the bed, your chest may become stuffy.

If the time is too long, or the pressure is too heavy due to excessive reasons, it may affect the operation of the whole body’s qi and blood, and cause heart discomfort and dyspnea.

Chinese medicine says that heart failure is caused by lack of qi, so you should first ensure a good breathing state during sleep.

If you feel depressed when sleeping on your stomach, you can take a high pillow position to ensure smooth heart qi and blood.

  Sleeping with your arms folded can hurt your body. Sleeping with your arms folded is not a good gesture. It is like a little shrimp, and it will also cause damage to your head and consequently.

  According to a medical survey, one in five Chinese people has suffered from back pain and neck pain in the past 6 months.

Poor sleeping posture is the initial cause of back pain or neck pain.

When a person’s chest is straightened, they feel most comfortable. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that poor blood vessels can cause deficiencies.

So whether you’re sitting, standing, or even lying down, you should adjust your posture to the most comfortable level, and don’t always bend your waist.

  In addition, sleeping on pillows and arms is not good. Some people have such experiences. When they wake up in the morning, they find that their hands are still under their bodies, but this time the spread is not their own length, and they are not obedient from shoulders to fingers.

Falling asleep with your arms resting on your arms for a long period of time will directly squeeze the radial nerve of your upper arm, causing compressive injury to the forearm, wrist, and fingers.

  Lying on your back is better, but do n’t be too deliberate. Sleeping is a topic that does n’t need to be discussed. You can sleep as much as you want, but there are always some people who feel uncomfortable when lying in bed at night, lying on their side and lying on their back for a while.

Zhao Chunxiao said that according to common sense, sleep as comfortable as possible, but if you must say that some sleeping positions are the best, supine may be more recognized, because the whole body is relaxed when supine, hands and legs can be placed naturally, andLying sideways and prone will put some pressure on the heart.

  However, some people will snoring because they lie on their backs because their tongues fall back and they bend their airways, which causes snoring.

  Therefore, Zhao Chunxiao said, don’t be too deliberate in your sleeping position, try not to sleep on your stomach.

A person’s sleep at night will not maintain one posture, or the rotation of multiple postures. Generally speaking, they will turn over once every two hours.

  The softness and hardness of the pillow and mattress is moderate. In addition to sleeping position, it may affect sleep. The softness of the pillow and mattress may also affect a person ‘s sleep. Zhao Chunxiao believes that it does n’t matter if a soft mattress is better than a hard mattress.Looking at the physical condition, comfortable is suitable.

  In general, younger people are used to softer mattresses, while older people are more used to harder mattresses.

Zhang Bo is 71 years old. He sleeps on a slatted bed at home, which is relatively hard. He traveled to Beijing not long ago. The hotel he stayed in was luxurious, but the mattress was from Simmons. When he got up in the morning, he found his back was painful.Come back.

  Zhao Chunxiao pointed out that a mattress that is too soft is not desirable, because a person’s body is originally a certain degree of curvature, but if the mattress is too soft, when the person sleeps, the entire body will be trapped inside the mattress, changing what should have beenSome curvatures, such as low back pain.

  Some friends think that pillows that are too high will cause people to hump. There is no basis for this statement. People are more hump related to daytime life and work habits. If they work at a desk or read a book for a long time, and they have not developed a good sitting posture, they will be prone to hump.Happening.