Care should be taken to purchase muscle nutrition and health care products.


Care should be taken to purchase muscle nutrition and health care products.

The rise of sports nutrition has been more than 60 years old, starting in the 1940s, Joe?

Wade and Ben?

In order to promote the development of bodybuilding and human health nutrition products, Weide pioneered the 鈥淲eide Sports Nutrition Company鈥?in Canada.

銆€銆€In the past eighties, in order to continuously improve the effectiveness and variety of sports nutrition products, it has spent too much effect. Until the early 1980s, we established the Weide Research Group, which specializes in scientific research on sports nutrition and how to further improve the level of bodybuilding training.Especially in the bodybuilding competition, the International Bodybuilding Association strictly enforced the inspection system at the 1984 International Bodybuilding Association Conference.

Until the early 1990s, after full implementation of this system in all professional and amateur international and national bodybuilding competitions, countries became an urgent problem to solve by how to use scientific training methods and supplement sports nutrition to improve the level of sports training.

銆€銆€In the mid-eighties, developing countries began to have a small number of athletes in Shanghai, occasionally taking 鈥淲eide鈥?sports nutrition, such as high protein powder and amino acids.

But at least, due to the surge of foreign sports nutrition products, especially in the past two years, according to incomplete statistics, there are several special agents in Beijing, Shanghai and other places to sell the US Weider prolan.




Champion and so on are also German sam’s and extreme.

There are also new brands that are constantly appearing.

These sports nutrition products are a great news for bodybuilders and other sports athletes.

But the price of these, for the average athlete, may not be affordable according to current income.

銆€銆€In this brand of brand and a wide variety of sports nutrition, how to choose the economic conditions and sports nutrition that suits your needs?

This is a problem that cannot be ignored.

First of all, you must choose the “lack of what, what to add” according to your own amount of exercise and the purpose you need to achieve.

At this time, be sure to take it on time according to the required dose.

Again, it is necessary to pay attention to different nutritional products, which must be taken strictly according to the time taken and the prescribed dose, and cannot be taken at the same time, so as not to cause the opposite effect or cause serious consequences.

銆€銆€After a large influx of sports nutrition in the short term, in order to speed up the ideal training effect, athletes often have no choice but to choose and choose sports nutrition according to their needs; even after buying, they don’t know how to take it; when to serve;It is not clear how many doses should be taken each time.

However, some athletes are multiplied by the prescribed dose; some are not taken according to the prescribed time; these will not affect the effect of taking, but also cause damage to internal organs; long-term use of serious diseases will lead to certain diseases.

Therefore, when you choose sports nutrition, you must know whether you can achieve the purpose you need while choosing the brand.

At the same time, it is necessary to see the instructions for taking and other relevant precautions, or consult an experienced expert for guidance. Never take it arbitrarily. As a result, it may cause loss or loss of health, which may cause irreparable diseases caused by other diseases.

銆€銆€For example, at present, there is more to promote the magical effect of 鈥渃reatine鈥?

The 鈥渃reatine鈥?product, which first appeared in the United States in 1993, has only been a few years of effort, and has been promoted as the main sports nutrition for athletes to strengthen and develop muscles.

銆€銆€In fact, “creatine” is a protein that is present in muscles. It can gradually increase the effect of muscle strength, control muscle contraction, and assist muscles.

Creatine itself is only for the production of explosive power, it does not matter the proliferation of muscle.

Although the body itself can make creatine, the amount is very small.

Therefore, when you exercise, especially when it comes to explosive movements or high-intensity training, you need to add extra 鈥渃reatine鈥?

It must be noted that there is already a man who is healthy and not addicted to tobacco and alcohol. In order to achieve fitness goals, he mixed with ephedra and creatine, and suddenly died of stroke after six weeks.

銆€銆€But you must also be careful not to abuse sports nutrition. For example, in Hong Kong, there is a healthy food called 鈥渁ndrostene鈥? which is converted to male after being chemically tested.Hormones, long-term use can lead to male impotence, female infertility and hinder the growth of children and other complications.

It contains steroids and is a ban on athletes.

Long-term use will affect the body’s kidneys and other functions, causing complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and endocrine disorders.

銆€銆€In short, sports nutrition, as a supplement to and balance the lack of nutrients in daily diets, bodybuilders must also replace various nutrients (including major nutrients and micronutrients) from daily food, it can not exerciseNutritional products to replace the nutrition of food.