2016 Monk Yilong vs Muay Thai King broadcast the whole game highlights replay of the second match _1

2016 monk Yilong vs Muay Thai King broadcast the full game video playback of the second match
At 11 pm on November 5th, the martial arts focus battle was staged in Nanjing, and the Chinese monk Yilong ushered in the battle to challenge the Thai boxing champion.In the end, after three rounds of fierce battle, Yilong, who represents Chinese martial arts, defeated the Thai boxing champion by points and beat the Thai opponent for the first time.Click on the picture to watch the monk Yilong vs Muay Thai King broadcast the whole game of the second round of the match video video. This early agreed war is a century battle on the free fight ring. The weak and strong evolution between the two masters has already beenIt has caused many rounds of heated discussions around the world.  In the first battle of the century on June 6, last year, the start of the attack was a long way, and he was caught by surprise. He fell down three times in a row and won the first round steadily.In the second round, Boqiu did not cause a serious damage to Yilong. Instead, he was more like a dragon controlling the rhythm to ease his physical fitness. At the same time, he also inspired Boqiu to play his fist in the first round.In the third round, a dragon accelerated its rhythm. A high whip leg turned to whip in the rugby football. After that, the dragon kept seizing the opportunity to combine attacks.At the end of the game, in addition to the excellent performance of the first round of defense in the second round, the first and third rounds of the first dragon have an absolute blow advantage.  A year later, the two started the Battle of the Century 2.Version 0, the game will naturally become the final battle.After the game started, the tactics of attacking the Air Force one attack after one battle were changed.First, the strength and fist punches are quite calm, while the broadcast request is consistent with the law to control the enemy.The middle section of the broadcast suddenly launched a fierce attack on Yilong, suddenly unable to defend.After adjusting the state, Yilong began to fight with the audience for a head-to-head confrontation. After a while, the fists and legs fought on the ring, which was very exciting.  After the start of the second round, Yilong took the lead in attacking, attacking the opponent with high-strength sweeping strokes. In the face of the heavy blow of the Muay Thai prince, Yilong confronted him without fear.In the attack, I beg for a low sweep and sweep down a dragon.In the middle of the round, the two sides entered the close fight again.The two strong men who have already played the gunpowder smell, each exhibiting their own best technology. Under such ultra-high density competition, neither side has too much thinking time, both of which are derived from their daily hard work and instinct.Expert technology.  In the last round, the mid- and close-range tug-of-war between the two sides continued. The Muay Thai prince fired fully, swept the legs strongly, and flicked the knee and other techniques successively. The dragon after the attack showed a short decline.However, Yilong quickly adjusted his state and re-deployed to the attack.In the fierce and fierce competition between the two sides, the game sounded the bell of the end of the game.  In the end, Monk Yilong defeated Muay Thai King Wang Qiuqiu for the first time with a weak point of 29-28/29-28/29-28, and his record of undefeated battle against China was broken.Extended reading: Muay Thai king broadcasts a letter to sternly protest and firmly believes that the two-time war is a victory over a dragon and a dragon.