Fertilizer Recipe: Yam Egg Fried Pork Lung


Fertilizer Recipe: Yam Egg Fried Pork Lung

The effect of this fattening recipe: spleen and stomach, help digestion.

銆€銆€Process: fried taste: salty taste edible: breakfast | Chinese food | dinner main ingredient: pig lung 300 grams accessories: yam 100 grams of eggs 200 grams of starch (corn) 100 grams seasoning: ginger 10 grams of green onions 15 grams of salt 6 grams of cooking wine 10 grams MSG 2g pepper powder 2g pepper 5g sesame oil 5g peanut oil 150g cooking method 1.

Peel the yam and pour it into powder; 2.

The pig’s lungs are rinsed with white water and cut into pieces;

Ginger, onion washed, ginger slices, onions cut into sections, partially cut flowers;

Beat the eggs and put them in a bowl;

Add wet starch, yam powder, and paste into the egg; 6.

Put the pig’s lungs into a bowl, add onions, ginger, cooking wine, pepper, salt, and MSG; 7.

Pig lungs and then mashed with egg paste and mix well;

Heat the iron pan and pour in the peanut oil. When the oil is 60% hot, put the pig lungs into pieces and remove them until they are golden brown.

After the bombing, re-explode again; 10.

Another hot pot is heated, added to the pig lungs, stir fry, add chopped green onion, pepper powder, drenched with sesame oil, and served on the plate.

銆€銆€Production Tips This product has a frying process and requires about 1000 grams of peanut oil.

銆€銆€Food gram yam: yam and kansui should not be eaten together; nor should they be taken with alkaline drugs.

銆€銆€Eggs: damage the spleen and stomach with the goose meat; with rabbit meat, persimmon with the same food causes diarrhea; at the same time, it should not be eaten with turtle, squid, soy milk and tea.