Keep your daily diet healthy

Keep your daily diet healthy

If people want to prolong their lives and be healthy, they must properly supplement the deficiency of the human body.

Absolutely, bones are the scaffolds of the human body. The condition of the bones will directly affect the quality of human life.

In the early period of the medical classic “The Emperor’s Canon of the Yellow Emperor” said: “The pyramid is strong, and the blood and blood are all from it.

“The nature of human bones in life is very clearly illustrated here.

  Chinese medicine believes that bone is raised by the marrow, and the essence is born.

Therefore, the bone marrow and essence determine the growth and development and function of bones.

If the bones do not support the bones, it will cause skeletal diseases, such as rickets in infants and young children, osteomalacia in adults, and osteoporosis in the elderly.

Chinese medicine also believes that the waist is the place of the kidney, the main bone of the kidney, and the marrow. If the kidney essence is deficient, the marrow is not full, so it will cause back pain and leg and knee weakness.

As stated in the “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor”: “The waist, the house of the kidneys, cannot be shaken, the kidneys will become puppets.

It seems that whether the filling of the essence and bones affects the skeletal system of the human body and directly affects the innate essence of the human body-the kidney.

The kidneys dominate human growth and development, and the aging and longevity of the human body are closely related to the health of the kidneys.

In fact, the kidney can play its innate role only if there is too much essence.

From this point of view, health must replenish the marrow.

At the same time, Chinese medicine believes that spermatogenic marrow, if the marrow is insufficient, you need to have yin essence to continuously transform the bone marrow.

Therefore, invigorating the marrow is invigorating, while invigorating, vigor is invigorating.

And because the Qi of Zhenyuan is hidden in the kidney, only the essence of the kidney can have its source.

The true energy and vitality of the motherland medicine are similar to the immunity and resistance referred to in modern medicine, that is, the filling and vitality of the body, so that the human body has a strong resistance and immunity.

So how do you fill the marrow?

Under the guidance of a Chinese medicine practitioner, it can replace traditional Chinese medicine for strengthening waist and kidney, and in food therapy, bone marrow and spinal cord of animals (such as cattle, sheep, pigs, etc.) can be used as raw materials, and soups such as Huaishan, Chinese wolfberry, and walnut kernels can be supplemented.