Be cautious when your child is too obedient

Be cautious when your child is too obedient

Children who obey their parents often underestimate their self-worth, have weak self-confidence, and fear the environment and what happens in life.

They use good behavior as a means of self-protection, because the fewer mistakes they make, the fewer so-called “risks”.

These are all manifestations of their lack of self-confidence, so in terms of personality growth, they tend to be sly and restrained, lacking the ability to be independent and aggressive.

  But children who are mischievous or casual and behave pretentiously and mischievously have an earlier spirit of adventure, strong self-confidence, and dare to act.

Every time they behave badly, they challenge various “restrictions”, show their personal strength, and express their emotions.

As a child, they have not been able to demonstrate their abilities, values, and independence in terms of work, career, and so on. They can only rely on confrontation with adults, uncooperation, or behavioral rebellion.

Therefore, mental psychologists believe that children are slightly naughty and beneficial to their healthy development.

  Of course, fathers can’t condone their children’s transgression.

Acts that endanger their own safety or harm others should be avoided.

However, there are some harmless pranks, and sometimes it is not necessary to expect to cause excessively fierce reactions and severely punish them.