[Can you drink ice water when pregnant?

]_Pregnancy_Can you drink it?

[Can you drink ice water when pregnant?
]_Pregnancy_Can you drink it?

In the summer, because the weather is very hot and the body loses water quickly, people often feel dry mouth, so they must drink plenty of water in the summer, and in this season, most people like to drink ice water,In addition, I like to drink some iced drinks. This really has a good effect of quenching thirst and quenching thirst, but expectant mothers during pregnancy are very weak at this time. It is best not to drink ice water during pregnancy.

Can I drink ice water when pregnant?
Eating cold things in the summer to cool off the heat, but eating too much ice will cause the body not to stimulate the stomach and affect appetite. In fact, eating ice will cause fires, bacteria will multiply, and ordinary people should eat less.Pregnant women should not eat more, it is better not to eat.

During pregnancy, the stomach and intestines are very sensitive to hot and cold stimuli.

Eating more cold drinks can cause gastrointestinal blood vessels to suddenly contract, reduce gastric secretion, and reduce digestive function, which can lead to loss of appetite, indigestion, diarrhea, and even stomach obstruction, paralysis and abdominal pain.

Pregnant women’s nose, pharynx, trachea and other respiratory mucous membranes are often congested and edema. If a large amount of cold food is consumed, the congested blood vessels suddenly contract and the blood flow is reduced, which can lead to a reduction in local resistance and lurk in the throat, trachea, nasal cavity, and mouth.Bacteria and viruses enter by chance, causing throat soreness, magnetic cough, headache, etc. In severe cases, it can also cause upper respiratory infections or induce tonsillitis.

In addition to eating ice can make pregnant women more than metabolism, other will also be affected.

It has been found that abdominal oxides are also sensitive to cold stimuli.

When pregnant women drink cold water or eat cold drinks, the fetus will be restless in the womb, and fetal movement will become replaced.

Therefore, pregnant women must be moderate in eating cold food, and must not affect their own health and cause potential unrest due to greedy cold food.

Why ice eating is not good for the body Eating ice can interfere with the body’s feedback system and easily cause physical problems, usually the heart is most likely to hurt.

When the human body is very hot, the body will dissipate heat through perspiration. At the same time, it will exhaust some of the garbage inside the body.

When the body moves from a hot place to a cool place, the body will slowly cool down after the switching schedule, and the sweat and garbage will gradually stop excreting.

In addition to eating ice, the same problems as eating ice can cause the same problems when entering the cold air-conditioned room when you are sweating a lot.

In the summer, the most common problem is similar cold symptoms that appear after playing golf. In fact, many of them go to the air-conditioned room after playing the ball, and the body’s heat dissipation problems. Although it is a cold symptom, it is actually caused by heat stroke.Yes.

Many people have the experience of eating ice. If you eat too fast, you will often experience headaches. If you look carefully, you will find that the painful area will extend from the cheek to the back of the temple, and that line is the stomach.through.

So stinging ice can cause stomach damage.

Usually, if a person’s face has a thick part of the cheek at the moment, this person is probably a person who likes to eat ice, but if he has this preference when he is young, there must be a problem with the stomach. This kind of problem is different from an ulcer., Usually do not feel anything, when a problem occurs, it is usually a great problem.